FCAG Publications

FCAG Publications

FCAG is a service organization supporting AAP (a/k/a "GT") programs in our local schools. The membership of FCAG does not vote on issues of policy, but takes as part of its charter the job of helping to inform parents of many different points of view on topics which might have an impact on how AAP services are delivered in Fairfax County Schools. Both on this web site, and in our newsletter, we will present articles which might be of interest to parents. The content of any article appearing on our web site or in one of our newsletters does not necessarily represent the views of the executive board or the membership of FCAG.

FCAG Summer Guide

FCAG produces an annual guide to summer camps aimed at gifted children.

School Board Testimony and Activity

FCAG testifies to the school board on important issues to gifted children and their families. FCAG also surveys school board candidates and monitors school board activities that may impact gifted students.

FCAG Newsletters

FCAG produces a newsletter which is sent to its members via email.

Data and Analysis

FCAG collects and analyzes a lot of data, and posts much of it to this website.