Data and Analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

FCAG members spend a lot of time collecting and finding information collected by others. This allows us to compare programs and progress over many years in Fairfax County public schools.

Math Acceleration at FCPS Middle and High Schools

FCAG has limited information on SOL pass rates and advanced math coursework.
Please visit our Math Data page.

TJ Class of 2025 Analysis

Please click here to download the TJ Class of 2025 Data Analysis

Please click here to download the VFOIA_6298_update

Please click here to download the VFOIA_6380_6381_6382

AAP Class Size Data Analysis

The release of class size data for every elementary school in FCPS allowed FCAG to analyze the impact of staffing formulae and principal practices for Level IV eligible students enrolled in Level IV AAP at Centers or in Base Schools (referred to as LIV Students in this paper). Because Level IV AAP begins in grade three, this paper looks solely at class sizes in grades three to six.
It compares class sizes of LIV Students and of other students (referred to as 'Other Students').

Please click here to download the AAP Class Size Data Analysis

TJ data

FCPS changes its admissions policy for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ) regularly. When admissions policies change, the previous policies are not available. FCAG records the admissions policies over the years. We also keep a finger on the discussions and actions by the school board, and maintain a record for future reference. Finally, when available, we post data on who is admitted, and any relevant data we can find. You can find the information about many of our activities here. Look to the right of that page to find specific statistics, for example, on our current admissions policies, or admission statistics.

SAT and ACT data

FCPS releases at regular intervals information about how FCPS students do each year on the SAT and the ACT. The information is posted each year, and sometimes taken down when new information becomes available. FCAG maintains these records here.

AP and IB data

FCPS publicly released AP and IB data

Data Access

FCAG has collected a large repository of data.